Sep 022010

Because I know everyone is dying to know where that cliff is, I decided to do a little bit of research (meaning google) to see what I come up with.

Exhibit A: A Screenshot of the Cliff, with the Glade plug-in moment

waterfall.png Waterfall picture by moonlit-sonnet

Exhibit B: The Waterfall that looks uncannily similar

Yosemite Falls and Cook's Meadow

Now the second waterfall is actually Yosemite Falls, which is located in California. Now, I may not be a geography major but I happen to know that California is actually located on the opposite coast, so I guess we could add this to the list of inaccuracies. Deeply amusing as it is….

Though today what really stood out for me was how we could use Pocahontas as a primary source for examining important issues of the mid 1990′s. One of those issues raised was that of the environment. I feel like for us, there has always been this association that Native Americans are deeply connected to Mother Nature and care for it, whereas the white man does not. Not only is this explicitly pointed out in the movie, but it is also seen in other aspects of our culture. Just this past month I came across a National Geographic article about Native Americans bringing ”back land crushed over generations of human use.” (yes its a direct quote) This is implying that all our problems today are really the problems of the white man, and it is the job of the “Noble Indian” to fix them…

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