There were women who behaved like Scarlett!

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Sep 302010

There were historically women, like Scarlett, who had independent minds during this era. For example,in “A Southern Aristocrat’s Diary During the Civil War,” Mary Chesnut disapproved of men who mixed up the Bible to support their passions. Also, she wrote that her husband had been right to lose their plantation since he had a hand in starting the Civil War. -A. Brudno

Anyone noticed the flag?

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Sep 022010

The flag that the English used in the film was not made in 1607. It was first created in 1801,after Ireland became part of the United Kingdom. The flag they could have used, in 1607, was the Flag of England. – A. Brudno

Where will my online project be?

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Sep 012010

Dear Professor McClurken,

I am sending you my web address for my film project. This is where my online project will be: http://1102hobnail.umwblogs.org/an-analy…. I hope that I am doing this correctly. Please tell me about it either before or after class. I truly need your wise guidance for this semester.


Alex Brudno