Hello world!

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Aug 252010

testing. testing 1, 2, 3.

thank you, and good night.

Here I am!

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Aug 242010

My blog has arrived.

In case anyone was wondering, Hawkeye is what they call me at the summer camp where I work, and Scotty is what some camper insisted on calling me.  After a very confusing conversation, another counselor finally made sense out of the mess, looked at me, and exclaimed, “Hawkeye IS Scotty!”

A blog was born.

– Cilla Appel

US Film

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Aug 242010

Hey everyone, just writing my first post. I have taken several classes with Dr. McClurken including his Digital History seminar with quite a few of our classmates so if anyone needs help I will try to help out :) -Megan (the redheaded Megan)

Test Post or First Post

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Aug 222010

Hello All,

I am Caryn and this is my test post for US History and Film.

Have a great semester!


Hello I would like to add to this blog posting that I too was a part of Dr. McClurken’s Digital History course so if anyone needs help with computer tech stuff I am happy to lend a hand. In the mean time, I thought I would leave you with this visual to start the semester off…this could be you during Midterms or finals!