Oct 282010

I was catching up with a friend who is going to school in Colorado the other day and she asked me how classes were going and such. I told her I was watching Matewan for class, a movie about the Matewan Massacre in West Virginia. She then made the comment that they had massacres like that in Colorado too. So I decided to look up what I can find, and I found two that really stood out. The first one being the famous Ludlow Massacre in 1914, and the second was the Columbine Massacre in 1927.

What struck me about these massacre was the influence that the big companies had over the US, the Rockefeller’s weren’t just in West Virginia they were clearly in Colorado too! The oppression that the miners experienced didn’t come from just one area, it was the nation as a whole. I found it interesting so I though it would be good to share… :D

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