Dec 012010

We have been talking a lot this semester about Actors themselves screwing up characters roles, because we associate them with other characters from other films. Well Sadly that happened to me this week with Dustin Hoffman playing as Bernstein in All the President’s Men. I find it strange that this hasn’t happened before in this semester, but I have my reasons. And they are as follows:

Mel Gibson– Quite frankly I can’t take anything Mel Gibson does seriously. I feel like all his roles are so extreme that I always am bothered by that and not the actor.

Matthew Broderick– (Don’t Judge!) I actually have never seen Ferris Bueller, so I really had no idea who he was.

Tom Cruise– Well. For me he is forgettable. I have seen many Tom Cruise movies but afterwards I never really remember what he did or anything about his characters personality. Even now I have to admit I am kind of forgetting random details from Born on the Fourth July. He has never impressed me as an actor. There is not one thing that stands out about him. Except that I can’t think of anything exceptional about him.

So why did I have problems with Dustin Hoffman? Well for one thing it is hard to replace this image:

with this:

I guess it must be the age difference. It is admitably more weird to see someone 35 years younger for the first time, than older. However, it isn’t just Meet the Fockers (though I find the image hilarious) it seems that whenever he is in a movie I recall other movies he has been in. In that sense he is more memorable than Tom Cruise. However this only lasted for the first 15 min or so of the movie, by that time I accepted that he was Bernstein and not Dustin Hoffman. And there were really only a couple of instances where I thought of his other roles. And only once did I remember he was a Red Panda! ^_^

Finally I know these aren’t the “classic” Dustin Hoffman movies, they were just the ones I could think of that were really far off from All the President’s Men.

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