Long Walk Home

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Nov 112010

In class we kind of touched on the relationship between Mrs. Thomson and Mr. Thomson. Mrs. Thomson was portrayed as a feminist as that was not accurate. I thought however that another purpose of the scene was how Civil Rights affected white families. How something so small could make some people even more racist then they already were which is the case for Mr. Thomson.

Another thing we talked about in class was the relationship that Mr. Thomson said there was between the maids and his family. He seemed to think that the maids did not really know him and he would never know the maids because there is a barrier of race. What was interesting to me was that little daughter loved Odessa and they knew each other pretty well. When Mrs. Thomson is looking at her old pictures it shows that she had a very close relationship with her maid as well. I think that although many people in Montgomery really did not know the people who worked for them the children did know them.